Kettlebell Workout-Facts About Kettlebell Burn 2.0

kettlebell workout

Key Facts About Kettlebell Burn 2.0

What Differences Are Kettlebell Burn 2.0 From The Alternative Kettlebell Programs Aimed At Fat Loss?

The truth is that lots of kettlebell programs touted for fat burning abilities are little more than a collection of workouts which lack meaningful progression of any type.

Sure, the workouts are variable, but there is no overarching design or methodology behind the changes.

Workouts are not characterized by noticeable continuity, a fact which results in little adaptation and subsequent loss of fat.

By contrast, Kettlebell Burn 2.0 offers four distinct phases, each workout escalating in intensity from the previous one.

Furthermore, the program incorporates the scientific concepts of overcompensation, overload and general adaptation in order to facilitate impressive results.

Can Beginners Attempt This Kettlebell Workout?

It is not recommended for novices to start with Kettlebell 2.0. Rather, it is suited for intermediate users of kettlebells and those who have already been exposed to fundamental drills.

True beginners should choose Enter the Kettlebell instead.

Is A Starvation Diet Part Of The Program?

Not at all, and you will likely eat greater amounts of food while on the program than you ever thought possible.

Your metabolism will be ignited and you will begin burning more fat than when on typical diets known for causing feelings of deprivation and hunger.

If I Stop Doing The Program, Will The Weight Creep Back On?

No it will not, provided you do not overindulge and go back to your previously unbalanced diet. The surprising thing is that the program causes many to add lean body mass, in turn boosting their metabolisms.

This permits them to eat greater amounts of food than they could prior to starting the program and do so without adding unwanted pounds.

If I Am Over 30, Can I Still Get Results From The Program?

You absolutely can. In fact, the program has helped individuals well into their 50s achieve amazing outcomes.

Do Women Benefit From The Program Also?

Women have been among our most enthusiastic supporters, frequently letting us know of their success with the program.

What Happens If I Try The Program And Do Not Get The Results I Desire?

You will pay nothing. You read that correctly – the program will be free.

I have such faith in the ability of the program to give you great results that I am willing to let you try it for yourself without risk.

As long as you adhere to the requirements of the program as stated, the impressive results will follow. However, if you do not feel fully satisfied, you will receive a fast, unqualified refund.

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