Hunger Games Guide to Jennifer Aniston Weight loss Success

Jennifer Aniston Weight Loss Advice-Water!

Jennifer Aniston is recognised throughout the world as a role model for healthy living. While she sticks to a healthy jennifer aniston holding water bottlediet and exercise, her diet is filled with fruits and vegetables.

But she does allow herself an occasional indulgence.

She is also dedicated to a fitness and yoga regimen.

Even Jennifer’s own yoga instructor, Mandy Ingber follows Jennifer’s advice for staying well-hydrated throughout the day.

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Ingber recently told ABC News that Jennifer inspires her and continually encourages her to stay hydrated.

“Jen has always been a super hydration person”. Jennifer herself attributes her great skin to staying well hydrated every day.

jennifer anniston drinks water to stay skinny

Questions and Answers:

Does staying hydrated really help with weight loss?

According to Ingber, staying hydrated helps her stay healthy in a variety of ways. She believes she has much more energy when she drinks plenty of water.

More Energy From Water? I Need To Try That!

“She also believes she is not as hungry when she is well-hydrated. Ingber told us, “When you think you are hungry, Jennifer Aniston sexy bikini picyou may actually just be thirsty.”

You may not like the taste of plain water. If so, try adding something flavorful to perk up the taste.

This can be lemon juice or another type of flavoring.

I Drink A Glass Of Water In Morning With Lemon!

It is also important to eat foods containing water. This helps you get the amount of water you need during the day.

“I am constantly drinking water!” Jennifer told People. “I drink at least five bottles a day.   Jennifer in a tiny bikinis >>>

It’s become such a habit that I don’t even think about it. So many people  are just lazy about drinking water.”                                        

“I try to start every day with a glass of warm water with lemon. Or I may have a cup of coffee and then feed the dogs.

Once I’m finished with this, I’ll make a shake and have some eggs in coconut oil and have them with a little avocado on whole wheat toast.

Next, I’ll read the paper and then hit the gym.” Jennifer notes that she always has her 23 ounce Smart Water Bottle with her, which is a major factor in her weight loss.

“This way I’ll drink three or four bottles in a day. Drinking constantly is a habit now, so it’s easy.

Staying hydrated is so important, if your thirsty you need oral rehydration.There are ways to get your water, you just have to do it.”

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